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Unlock Your Amazing Memory: The Fun Guide That Shows Grades 5 to 8 How to Remember Better and Make School Easier

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The powerful yet easy-to-learn techniques in this book will reduce stress and frustration while improving confidence, making learning easier and school more enjoyable.

Perfect for any student who:

  • wants to get better grades
  • is forgetful or absentminded
  • lacks motivation or dislikes one or more subjects
  • wants to manage stress and improve test-taking abilities
  • is a good student who wants to move to the next level
  • is struggling or bored in school
  • wants to recall more of what they hear the teacher say, read in books, or see in the classroom

Discover how easy memory improvement can be and all the rewards that come from remembering better. Get better grades, reduce stress, impress teachers, friends, and family, and learn skills that will make school easier and more fun!

Unlock Your Amazing Memory teaches a complete process for remembering. It's packed start to finish with real-world examples that can be applied to any fact or subject, making it easier to remember more of what we see, read, and hear.

The book demystifies the process of remembering while still being easy to read, with over 150 pictures and illustrations.

Readers by learning about the three distinct steps to remembering and discover where they need the most help. Solutions are provided for each of the three areas: practical tools to address each step. 

This is not a book that teaches cute tricks to remember a few specific facts. It's filled with tools and techniques anyone can instantly implement to remember anything, including:

  • numbers
  • dates and events in history
  • spelling and vocabulary
  • foreign languages
  • lists and the steps to any process (great for math and science)
  • groups of facts about specific events or subjects
  • math formulas
  • state and world capitals
  • and much more: anything we see, hear, or read.

Help the student in your life. Remembering better is possible, and Unlock Your Amazing Memory is the easy way to learn! 

As co-captain of Team USA, Brad helped lead the team to a Silver Medal victory at the World Memory Championships in China.

As co-captain of Team USA, Brad helped lead the team to a Silver Medal victory at the World Memory Championships in China.

Brad Zupp is a memory improvement expert who competes internationally as a memory athlete, has appeared on The Today Show, Good Day New York, The Dr. Steve Show, National Public Radio, and in the LA Times and USA Today. He regularly speaks about memory, including at elementary, middle, and high schools. 

Brad is living proof that a better memory is possible. In his 20s he used memory techniques to learn to speak Japanese fluently as well as memorize a deck of cards. 

In his 40s, he returned to memory improvement and quickly discovered a passion for competitive memory sports. He has competed worldwide as a memory athlete, earning medals and breaking records. 

His biggest achievement, however, is sharing his knowledge and techniques with others to make memory improvement accessible for everyone, from elementary students to senior citizens.