Your Group Discovers How to Astound Clients and Prospects, Crush the Competition and Make More Money

Brad's energetic and interactive presentations leave your attendees smarter and more self confident, with real-world skills they've already put into practice.

An hour with a champion of memory raises everyone's game to new heights.

Brad Zupp, co-captain of Team USA, with the team Silver Medal at the World Memory Championships, China. 

Brad Zupp, co-captain of Team USA, with the team Silver Medal at the World Memory Championships, China. 

Quadruple Sales & Earn Referrals By Supercharging Your Memory

  • 45-90 minute interactive presentation that is perfect as a keynote speech or workshop.
  • Can be combined with Brad's incredible feats of memory or the time can be dedicated to more hands-on practice for the attendees. 
“I told at least five people within 24 hours about the exercises we did and their impact. Awesome!”
— Consulting Alliance

Topics include:

  • The Steps to Memory: Identifying which step is causing problems to speed improvement
  • Increasing productivity with a memory system
  • How to easily remember names: short, medium and long term
  • When, why and how to review for greater retention
  • Connecting important facts to prospects and clients
  • Handling information overload: deciding what to remember - and what not to
  • Getting referrals with your memory
  • Protecting client and company data by remembering secure passwords

Tons of on-your-feet practice makes it simple for your group to bring their new skills into the real world.



Watch a short preview video of Brad in action.

Your audience gets an expert with over 25 years of full-time experience and a memory that amazes and inspires.

Prospects, clients and co-workers enjoy working with people who they like and trust, and are "with it." 

How do you become that person? Brad demonstrates how anyone can reclaim their brain and harness the power of their mind to impress prospects and clients, becoming the obvious choice to work with.

Brad not only is a full-time speaker, he puts his skills to the test by recently leading Team USA to a Silver Medal finish at the World Memory Championships in Chengdu, China. Your group experiences a champion who will leave them with skills they will use immediately to improve their lives: better relationships, less stress, and more trust.

Change the lives of your sales team today. 

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