Question answered: Top reasons businesses hire a motivational speaker

I often get asked by people considering hiring a memory improvement expert, corporate entertainer or motivational speaker: "Why hire a business speaker for my corporate event?"

Based on my experience, talking with other motivational speakers, and discussing the topic with my past clients who have hired me, I compiled the top three reasons businesses hire motivational speakers

Hire Motivational Speaker

The biggest reason not listed here is the underlying theme of everyone I spoke with: return on investment. What do companies get from having an expert motivational speaker at a corporate event? ROI. 

Companies, associations, or business groups spend a small amount of money and get a lot in return. Loyalty from members, new and improved skills to make money and increase the bottom line, and greatly improved motivation from everyone. The right speaker for the group can easily provide a high return on investment, making the amount spent on the speaker well worth the investment!

Top 3 Reasons Businesses Hire Motivational Speakers

1. To Convey a Specific Set of Skills

    Learning skills for better efficiency and an improved bottom line is often the biggest reason to bring in an outside speaker. Whether it’s improved leadership skills, specific sales techniques, a better memory, work-life balance, handling information overload or managing stress, an experienced motivational speaker can impart practical information that helps a team grow their skills and has a positive effect on business.

2. To Bring Energy and Excitement to a Meeting or Event

    A good corporate speaker not only educates but also entertains a group. Using humor, real-life examples, and audience interaction, speakers can lift up the energy and excitement of a meeting, day of training, or corporate event. This makes for a more positive experience for the group members and contributes to lasting learning.

3. To Inspire and Reward

    Group morale is essential to achieving company goals, and an experienced corporate speaker inspires the audience to reach higher and achieve more. Employees feel rewarded and valued, which drives innovation, productivity, and sales.