Tip #3: Memory Improvement

I was presenting to a group a few weeks ago and a man approached me prior to me going on stage. He apologized that he wouldn't be able to attend the session and wondered if there were a few quick tips I could give him - because his memory was awful.

This is one I shared with him, and it's in the top 3 ways to improve your memory. 

If your natural memory is horrible, make sure you're doing this to improve it! (I know, you have to watch the video, but it's a 60 second tip... you can spare that to help improve your life, right?!).

Whether it's a corporate event, association annual conference, or any other gathering of people who want to see an entertaining motivational speech that will change their lives, contact me for availability. I'm near New York City and the entire east coast, but I'm always willing to fly to Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Phoenix (where my parents live), Orlando, or wherever your event will be held. Have memory, will travel!