Reviews are in for Mastering Memory

The reviews are starting to come in and people seem to love my new book, Mastering Memory: 75 Memory Hacks for Success In School, Work, and Life. As an author I realize not everyone will love a book but it’s very gratifying to read these. Here is a screenshot of the Amazon review page:


Do you have trouble with remembering certain things (or everything)? Whether it’s my book or someone else’s I encourage you to do a tiny bit of work to improve your memory abilities. Life is too short to struggle with the embarrassment and unhappiness that forgetfulness brings! Remember better is possible for everyone and you may find - like many of my coaching clients - that it can be fun and enjoyable!

Memory Exercise of the Day

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Today's memory improvement exercise is spelling: 'accommodate' is one of the most commonly misspelled words.

How to remember it?

Usually we know *most* of the word, but get confused with part of it.

To remember this one, you need to somehow remember that it's TWO "c"s and TWO "m"s.

Use your imagination to create a picture of accommodating two cats/clowns/cows/cowboys (translate "c" into a picture) *and* two monkeys/men/moms/M&Ms (translate "m" into a picture).

Maybe they are moving into your house and you have to accommodate them all?

Or you could be going out for dinner with this group and you have to find a restaurant that can accommodate them (translating 'accommodate' into a picture).

Make it silly, add some details to the picture or movie in your mind. 

"But Brad, why bother? That's why someone made spellcheck!" Is that what you're thinking? 

What about when you have to write on the whiteboard in front of the group? Jot down a note to someone and can't spell half the words (do you pick different words that you think you can probably spell instead?) 

What about taking care of your mind (exercising it) with even part of the amount of effort you put into keeping your body in shape?

What about being creative, having fun, and making a fun game out of self improvement? Picturing two cowboys sitting down to a fancy dinner with two moneys - and you - in a restaurant that accommodates all their pesky dietary restrictions is fun!