Developing a "superhuman" memory

Happy New Year!

I get questions all the time about my "superhuman" memory. 

"How do you do that?" "School must have been so easy for you!" "When can we go to Vegas?!"

What I'd like people to know is that every bit of memory ability I have has been developed in the last several years. 

When I was in my 20s, I used memory techniques to learn to speak Japanese when I was living there. Every day I'd use the techniques to memorize 50-100 new vocabulary words. My hosts and the people I was working with (Japanese and Americans) were amazed. To me, I was just following the techniques - and they worked. Within a few weeks I was having good conversations, and within a few months was answering the phone and having people assume I was a native Japanese speaker.

Fast forward 20 years. As I turned 40, I realized my memory was slipping. I threw myself into researching and practicing memory techniques, and developing my own. 

My memory improved dramatically in only a few weeks.

More of my story another time, but here are three tips to develop your own superhuman memory in 2016! Happy new year!