My new memory book!

My long-awaited book is finally available! It's The Hack-Proof Password System: Protect Yourself Online With a Memory Expert's In-Depth Guide to Remembering Passwords. (I know, quite a mouthful!)

I'm proud of how well it turned out. In it, I guide you through why it's so hard to remember passwords, how essential it is, and - most importantly - how to do it. I make the process easy and even fun with exercises that gradually develop your memory and creativity. You practice creating passwords to made-up websites like one for the Statue of Liberty, "Loud!", "SuperCheapo" and others so you get a real feel for how easy it is.

A few of the biggest comments people had when I told them I was working on this project:

"I just use the same password over and over. How bad can it be?" 

Bad. Very, very bad. Imagine the headache from your social media account getting hijacked, or your email account spamming everyone in your contact list and infecting them as well. Bad things happen to those who reuse their passwords on multiple websites!

"I just use a password management program." 

Oh, like the one that was recently successfully hacked? Or the other big one, that has been successfully hacked twice now? Your mind is the ultimate, unhackable (is that a word?) place to store your passwords. Use it!

"I could never do that." 

Yes, you can. Really. It's so much easier than you might think. While you're going through the exercises, you're also improving your memory for other parts of your life. Frequently misplace items? Forget the names of people? Wonder why you walked into the room? Don't remember things people tell you? Learning how to remember passwords will help you remember better in other parts of your life.

"Why isn't this just a blog post? How can it be a full book?"

The print version is 114 pages - trust me, it's a full book. I guide you through:

  • The Steps of Memory
  • My Three Keys to Remembering Anything
  • How to be more creative to make better memories
  • Exercises to improve your creativity
  • Two different methods for creating and remembering passwords
  • A complete system for remembering assigned passwords (like XR9TK?341na3%z)
  • Fun practice exercises creating passwords for silly, made-up websites
  • An explanation of phishing, spear-phishing, two-factor authentication, and more.

BUT - it's all organized into bite-size morsels to indulge yourself with. (Okay, that's going a little's not delectable chocolate bon-bons. But it is a helpful, easy-to-read book that will take your cyber security to the next level and help keep you safe online.)

Click here to check it out on Amazon. There's a four question quiz to see if it's perfect for you. Then download it, enjoy it, give your mind a little (easy) workout. The powerful yet easy-to-learn techniques in the book will save you time, money, and frustration while protecting your privacy and making you secure.