Middle-aged memory: what's natural?

Researchers at McGill University are looking at what's normal for a middle age brain. 

Here's an interesting article on their finding, including what midlifers might be focusing on as important information vs. details they don't care about.

I've certainly seen this in my personal memory improvement and that of my coaching clients and in my memory improvement keynotes and workshops.

Have you noticed that it's much easier to remember what we are interested in? Many people mention to me after my seminars that remembering details at work is relatively easy, it's the home life that's hard. Remember what the spouse or kids say, the names of people we meet socially, or even what to pick up at the grocery store on the way home.

That's more than likely us deciding that work is just more important to pay attention to. 

As we age, we also have more on our minds, and tend to be distracted - which means it's harder to keep track of where we parked the car, put our keys or glasses, or when it's our anniversary.

Solutions include journaling, paying more attention where we park the car or put down frequently-misplaced items, and letting go of the desire to multitask.

Check out the article if you're "middle aged" or older - it's worth a read.

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