I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Mike Vardy of The Productivityist podcast. What a blast! 


As someone who is constantly trying to improve and get more done in less time, I had been enjoying this podcast for a while, and was happy when Mike agreed to have me on. 

Do you have too much to do and not enough time to do it? If so, all of his podcasts are worth listening to. In mine, we talk about how memory improvement can help get more done in less time, and memory improvement in general. Click here to listen, or download from your favorite podcast app or iTunes.

Don't miss the show notes - great information there as well!


As a keynote and seminar speaker, my goal is to help everyone learn that memory improvement is possible for us all and that it can be both easy and fun. From New York to Los Angeles, Las Vegas to Phoenix, Orlando to Chicago and everyone else in the United States, to any location worldwide, let's talk about changing the lives of your group or team: improving sales, customer service, productivity and the bottom line.