Memory Improvement for Boomers (Or Anyone)

For those of us getting older sooner than we'd like, memory loss is a real concern. 

We are more easily distracted and often find it more difficult to get back into a task once we lose focus. 

At work, we may wonder if we can keep up with our younger colleagues. How can we stay sharp, learn the ins and outs of the new software, apps, and remember all that we're asked to, even as we age?

As a motivational speaker and memory athlete, I discuss this all the time at corporate events and for associations, conferences and other business events. 

I also recently had the opportunity to discuss memory health and some of the above topics on a wonderful podcast called, "2 Boomer Broads Podcast." 

Rebecca Forstadt-Olkowski and Dr. Sharone Rosen are two delightful people who have a very entertaining podcast. If you're a boomer, it's a must-listen to! If you're not a boomer, I'd still recommend it as they have a ton of fun on every episode as they talk about "Life, Love, Laughs, and Unsolicited Advice!" 

You can listen to my interview and see their website (with other interviews and podcasts) here: 

To listen here, or download, click below (give it a second to load - then it will start playing).


You can also find them on iTunes and by searching in your favorite podcast software..

If you know a baby boomer, or someone who needs some general memory improvement advice, please share this.