Life Reimagined

I'm featured in a new book! NPR's (National Public Radio) Barbara Bradley Hagerty has written a wonderful new book about middle age called Life Reimagined. A few years ago she interviewed me about remembering better, and I'm in the book. 

It was amazing to be interviewed by someone I have listened to on the radio so frequently, and I hope that people reading the book will be inspired.

I'm still reading it (okay, I read the pages that featured me first!), but so far it's excellent. Since I'm now of that age, I also find it helpful personally.

It's received a lot of great reviews, and I encourage you to check it out. Here's her page about it, which has an excerpt:


If you want to buy it on Amazon, you can click here. 

If you're a big fan (of mine) and want to jump right to my pages, go to chapter 3 and start there. :)

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