Learn (and review) something new today

Have you challenged yourself to learn something new today? I know it seems hard with everything else that is going on in our lives but taking a few seconds to learn a new fact, foreign language word, phone number, or the name of someone new is essential to maintaining or improving our memory ability.

Will it seem hard? Yes. Will you forget sometimes? Absolutely. But it’s still worth trying.

By trying, we show our minds that we are serious about improving our memory ability. When we do this on a regular basis we train ourselves to pay more attention and work our minds. Over time this tiny bit of effort will pay off in a big way!

What can you learn right now? Look up how to say hello, goodbye, thank you, how much, when, etc. in the language of a place you would like to visit or your ancestors came from. Memorize your license plate number or your spouse’s office number instead of just their cell phone number. Listen for the name of your server at the restaurant or the person ringing up your groceries at the store and make an effort to remember their name. You can do it - your mind knows how to remember all these things if you put the effort to it.

Tonight as you get ready for bed review what you learned. Then, tomorrow morning as you eat breakfast, quiz yourself. If you remember, congratulations. And if not - congratulations! You still made the effort and you can try it again. Do this every day and before long you’ll have trained yourself to remember better.

I’m learning to use my camera better - not just on Auto but how to control all the settings manually. Here’s a photo from a while ago (still on Auto mode but not bad, I think).

Remember, life is too short to suffer with a bad memory!