Improve focus to improve memory

Do you struggle to remember? One of the first things I help my coaching clients with is improving focus. Our minds know how to remember but too often we’re distracted, overwhelmed, or too busy to get the information in the first place. And if we don’t get the information we can’t recall it later.

One way to improve focus (out of the many I use) is to practice mindfulness. Even attempting mindfulness often improves focus, even if one doesn’t think it’s being done “correctly” or “well.”

Here is an interesting article both for those who may have ADHD and those who struggle with many distractions in their lives. It includes two good exercises for improving focus…which will also have the effect of improving your ability to remember.

Don’t take my word for it — try it yourself. Do one of the short, easy exercises once a day for a week and see what happens. Leave a reply below or email me privately with the results.

If you need more help or are unhappy with your ability to remember, I also encourage you to pick up my new book, Mastering Memory: 75 Memory Hacks for Success in School, Work, and Life. It’s an easy-to-read book filled with practical solutions to 75 common memory problems, from remembering names of people we meet, motivating ourselves to remember better at work or school, and even pleasing our friends and family members by finally remembering more of what they say. You’ll even be able to remember to pick up what you need from the grocery store on the way home!

Please check out the book today - it will help your memory tremendously.