Why I Compete

In two weeks I'll be in China competing again at the World Memory Championships. Many people wonder why I compete. Aside from the obvious (a much better memory because I'm constantly working to improve it), there's the "thrill of victory.... and the agony of defeat." (Anyone remember that line?!?)

Here's a so-far unseen video from last year's competition, also in China, of the thrill side of it, where I broke my own previous record of memorizing a random number that is spoken only out loud - we (the competitors) never see it, we only hear it. Oh - and it's spoken aloud by a computer at the rate of one digit per second. :) 

I listened for 150 seconds and recalled them all, start to finish, perfectly. At the end of the video is 150 seconds of spoken digits using the software from the competition, so you can listen to the computer and see how you do. Give it a try!