Memory Can Be Improved At Any Age

One of the many things I hear is how bad memory gets as we age. One of the big reasons I present memory workshops and keynote speeches is to prove that we don't have to accept a natural decline in our memory as we get older. 

We also don't have to live with or "deal" with a bad memory, or rely on our smartphones to save us!

Want proof? Scientists can prove it all they want, but I also often want to hear from someone who has not only "been there and done that...." but who is also still doing it. 

Here's an interesting chart that shows my progress at the World Memory Championships. It shows that every year my memory has gotten better, not worse. I'm one of the older memory athletes, and I'm not unique in this: many of the other "grey hairs" have similar results.

If I can do this under the stress of memorizing for several hours a day for three days at the competition, I know you can improve your memory for names, what your partner, friends or kids tell you, and more.

I'd like to extend a huge thank you to my corporate sponsor, Bentley Systems, for sponsoring my participation in this year's World Memory Championships!

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