Get your group into action and in touch with parts of their brains that they thought were gone forever.


Watch as they enjoy themselves while improving their lives.

  • Access information faster than ever
  • Build powerful relationships (that don't rely on notes or databases)
  • Develop skills that will impress clients and earn referrals
  • Reduce stress and anxiety by remembering more of what they see, hear and read

Sample Topics to Entertain and Motivate Your Group

Quadruple Sales & Earn Referrals By Remembering People

45-90 minute interactive presentation that works well as either a speech or workshop.

Can be combined with Brad's incredible feats of memory or the time can be dedicated to more hands-on practice for the attendees. 

Topics include:

  • The Steps to Remembering
  • How to remember names
  • Never forget a face
  • Connecting important facts to prospects and clients
  • Getting referrals with your memory

Tons of on-your-feet practice makes it simple for your group to bring their new skills into the real world.

“I told at least five people within 24 hours about the exercises we did and their impact. Awesome!”
— Consulting Alliance

Supercharge Your Memory: Improve Sales, Relationships, Productivity and Peace of Mind

45-90 minute interactive presentation.

A fun and informative overview of memory improvement, complete with astounding feats of memory and unexpected visual examples.

Topics include:

  • remembering names
  • numbers
  • passwords
  • the location of keys, glasses, etc.

With hands-on examples for the group to practice together, everyone has fun while supercharging their memories and taking home valuable tools.

“The response has been overwhelming. They loved it! Brad made us look good for arranging it. Brad Zupp should be on everybody’s list of presenters. He’s personable, informative and very entertaining. If you want to learn how to improve your memory and have a great time doing it, remember Brad Zupp!”
— Jeff Shinaman, Executive Director, A.L.L.

Memorizing Secure Passwords...Made Easy!

45-90 minute interactive presentation that works well as either a speech or workshop.

The most difficult area for most people, aside from remembering names, is creating and remembering secure passwords that are different from site to site. This presentation is the answer to that problem. Attendees learn a complete system for remembering complex assigned passwords as well as creating their own secure, memorable ones.

Topics include:

  • The Steps to Remembering
  • Your custom, creative password system
  • Turning number and letters into memorable images
  • The Forgetting Curve

Everyone gets involved in group and individual exercises, practicing their custom password system until they can memorize passwords quickly and easily, and feel confident that their data is more secure.

“A true memory master with equal parts entertainer and teacher.”
— Norm F, Attendee

A Better Memory At Any Age

45-90 minute interactive presentation.

We do not have to accept a 'natural' decline in our memories as we age. In this funny presentation, Brad shows baby boomers and seniors how memory works and techniques to stay sharp and remember better at any age.

Topics include:

  • What to do when the memory is "on the tip of your tongue"
  • Avoiding information "Going in one ear and out the other"
  • How to exercise the mind to stay mentally fit
  • The Steps to Remembering

Filled with laughter and camaraderie, this is the perfect presentation for any group concerned with their age and mental fitness. There are group activities to both challenge and entertain the audience, as well as Brad's inspiring personal story and incredible feats of memory.  

“Brad was professional, entertaining and informative. He provided helpful tips to improve one’s memory at any age. We were happy to have him here. It’s not every day one meets a memory champion who can clearly demonstrate his abilities in such an entertaining manner!”
— Michelle Drumm, Carmel Terrace

Interested, but none of the above match what you are looking for?

Brad consults with each client to find the right mix of fun and content; customize a presentation that's a perfect fit.

Additionally, Brad can easily create a custom presentation around these topics:

  • Aging
  • Business Growth
  • Customer Service
  • Entrepreneurism
  • Handling Information Overload
  • Image/Self-esteem
  • Leadership
  • Mental Health
  • Peak Performance
  • Sales
  • Training
  • Wellness