25 years on stage as a full-time entertainer, plus record-setting memory abilities, equals a presenter who can not only capture your audience's attention, but show them how to supercharge their memories...all while having fun.


Upon turning 40, Brad noticed a sharp decline in his memory abilities. Determined to not live with a 'natural' memory decline as he aged, he threw himself into memory improvement and discovered the 'secret' that he shares with audiences worldwide: exercising our memories is absolutely necessary, but it can be easy and even fun.

At age 47, Brad's memory is sharper than ever. He's living proof that we don't have to struggle to remember secure passwords, feel embarrassed when we forget the names of people we meet, miss appointments, rely on notes for speeches, or forget what our families, friends and coworkers tell us.

Brad's Accomplishments Include

  • Enriching the lives of tens of thousands of adults and students by showing them how to remember better 
  • Set the American record (twice) for memorizing spoken digits at one per second, never read or reviewed at the World Memory Championships
  • Memorized 10.5 decks of shuffled playing cards perfectly in order in one hour (WM Championships)
  • Memorized one deck of shuffled playing cards in 85 seconds (World Memory Championships)
  • Frequently memorizes the names of dozens of audience members at his presentations
  • Memorized 1,250 binary digits (100110101101...) in 30 minutes (World Memory Championships)
     Preparing to memorize 14 decks of shuffled playing cards. China, World Memory Championships 2014.


Preparing to memorize 14 decks of shuffled playing cards. China, World Memory Championships 2014.

Brad's Background

At age 17, with parent permission, Brad "ran away" to join Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus. He traveled the world as a professional juggler and entertainer for 15 years, performing at corporate events, on cruise ships and at theme parks. 

At 32, Brad put performing on the back burner and settled down, pursuing careers as first a top-performing Realtor, achieving Coldwell Banker's Diamond Society Award and winning his office's Customer Service Award all three years he was in that office. 

He then went on to a successful career as a financial planner with tens of millions of dollars of assets under his management, as well as a series 7 license and AAMS designation from the College for Financial Planning.  

Brad understands the importance of keeping audiences engaged and laughing. His success at sales, prospecting, customer service and getting referrals makes him perfect to speak for all types of business groups: he's been right there with them and understands what they're going through.