Watch Your Group Astound and Inspire Everyone In Their Lives By Reclaiming The Power of Their Memory...

...Improving Sales, Relationships, Productivity, and Peace of Mind.

Your group connects more deeply with their clients, prospects, staff and family through simple memory techniques that nurture trust and build business.

inspiring keynotes

Amaze and inspire your attendees while listening to their laughter and delight as they supercharge their memories. Practical yet fun, Brad's keynote and general session presentations give audiences practical tools to improve their memory abilities in every area of their lives... while they have fun. Filled with fun and surprising visual examples, feats of memory, and audience interaction.



In-depth, on-your-feet training customized for your group. Sample seminars:

  • Quadruple Sales and Earn Referrals By Remembering Names
  • Increase Security By Remembering Stronger Passwords
  • Reduce Stress and Increase Productivity With a Personal Memory System 


If you need to wake up or energize your audience, Brad's icebreaker/session opener is for you. He entertains while providing real-world tips your attendees will use the rest of the day to remember more of what they see, hear and read.

Watch the short preview video to see Brad in action.

“I told at least five people within 24 hours about the exercises we did and their impact. Awesome!”
— Consulting Alliance

Brad Zupp's presentations are:

Brad with Team USA Silver Medal at The World Memory Championships in Chengdu, China 2015.

Brad with Team USA Silver Medal at The World Memory Championships in Chengdu, China 2015.

  • Universally appealing. Everyone is interested in remembering better, everyone has forgotten an important name or walked into a room and wondered, "What did I need from here?" Remembering names of prospects and clients earns business and referrals.
  • Unique. Not another motivational speech or boring seminar that participants quickly forget or dismiss. Attendees practice and put the tools to use, before even leaving the session.
  • Amazing. Watch as Brad recalls dozens of participants names of your attendees, memorizes a random number in seconds, or any other of his incredible feats of memory that leave people talking for days. People see for themselves what they can accomplish as they improve their memories.
  • Fun! People are concerned with brain health. They love laughing and having fun while participating in improving their minds.